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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland Gameboy Advance Cheats

Sucking Up Enemies And Swallowing Them
To suck up enemies, press the B button. To swallow enemies, press Down on the control pad. Sometimes you can swallow enemies and get special powers. Kirby can get many powers, so swallow a lot of enemies.

Random Power
If you inhale two enemies with special powers, both different, you get a random power! This only works if you inhale enemies not an enemy and a discarded power.

Easy Boss Win
Here is an easy way to beat King DeDe. Go to level 7 and go to the first stage. Get the Laser power up and then leave the level. Go the Boss and kepp firing at him it will be a lot easier then with any other power ups.

Beat Woody
Use cutter kirby and shoot boomerangs while jumping in the air and don't let the boomerangs come back to you or use fire kirby and flame him.

Boss Endurance
When trying to beat boss endurance there are powers in the attacks some of the bosses make. Here is some of them - Spark, wheel, mike, fire, cutter, hi-jump, sleep, hammer, and sword. There are no powers for woody and King Dedede.

Fast Beat Bosses
This will only work if the boss moves. Get the Buring Power. Then go on a side of the boss and use the power to burn through him.

Unlock Metaknightmare
To unlock Metaknightmare you have to get 100% on both Normal and Extra Mode. On Metaknightmare you can play as Metaknight. But you can't save! This will take you at least 1 hour to beat it. You can play Metaknightmare as a sub-game.

Easily Defeat The Second Nightmare
The trick to beating the second Nightmare is when he shows his tornado, the weak spot, instead af going to it and jumping to hit it, stand from a distance, jump, and press 'B'. A star will go flying, will hit him (if you have good aim), and will take away 1/6 of his life!

Easily Defeat The First Nightmare
The first Nightmare is a big, purple and black ball. All of his attacks are easy to dodge exept the one where he takey four stars and launches tham at you. They either go strait or criss- cross! If you stay in the middle of the very left (right where the edge of the screen is), he cannot hit you with that attack no matter what! Remember to constantly use your star rod!

Unlock Extra Mode
To unlock Extra mode, get 100% on normal. In Extra mode everything is the same except you only have 3 health units.

Super Power
For a super power just get the ball power. Then hold (A) you should bounce higher and higher. You should start glowing with stars. You are unable to be hurt while you are glowing.

Unlimited microphones
In world 3: Butter building, at Level 1. Fight the clock that gives you microphones, Use 2 of the microphones but let 1 microphone remaining. Find the button to open the 1st secret, now comes the hard part. Jump onto the button while you use your last microphone! If done right, Kirby will have unlimited microphones. Note: you lose the power if you fall
into a gap, or get hurt by an enemy.

Some information on the tornado move: if you are spinning, you can't stop like you do with the wheel. If you press B 1 time, you will stay on the ground. If you hold B, you will go up.

Block anything
When the laser ball, or something else that has a weapon that they dont need to be right by you to hit you with thing floats up,or walks up to you in a certain level,make sure that you have the sword power.Right when one of them uses their weapon,swing your sword.It will block their weapon,and it gives you a bit of time to swing at them before they come right back at you.

Random moves
The random moves you get when swallowing two abilities, depends on which you swallow first. The other one has absolutely no effect on the random move you get. This is what I've figured so far, the first move is which you swallow first, the second is what you get when you wait.
Parasol=Stone (The complete opposite)

There has been thought about the random moves. For example, there are two Sparks in a room where you need Hammer.

*There are no random moves possible with this abilities

**There is no random move that generates Burning, as far as I know.

PS: Cutter is good against King DeDeDe.

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