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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Spider-Man: Mysterio's Menace Gameboy Advance Cheats

All Levels Completed with All Items
Password: JV31-

New Costumes
Password: SP1DY

Start at Last Level
Password: RV8WJ

Level Select
Password: C0-LQ or RV80S

Master Code
7V84Z (Armor Suit, Fluid Upgrade, Left/Right Web Cartridge Container; Downtown, Pier 54, Empire Metals, Museum, Night Club Levels Complete)

Complete All Levels with Extras

Armor Suit
In the nightclub, go into the main room with lots of loud music. Next, climb on the ceiling until you see a door below you. Then, jump down and go in the door. Go left and you should find the Armor Suit.

Symbiote Suit
Play The Amusement Park level. Go through the level until you see a spike pit. Stand on the ledge just before the spike pit. Swing over to the ledge across the spike pit. Crawl down the wall about two steps. Swing back toward the left while falling down and you will see an opening through the spike pit. Fall through the hole, avoiding the spikes. Swing through all of the spikes, avoiding all of them. Run across, going up the ledges, avoiding the saws and more spikes until you see the Symbiote Suit icon.

Man Inside Stool
Start the night club level. Go all the way down until you are in front of the bar. Kill all of the henchman and go to the bathroom all the way to left. Go inside and kill all the henchmen. Stay in front of the stalls for a while. Look at the bottom of the stalls. You will see a roll of toilet paper fall. All of a sudden. you will see a man inside a stall and grab it.

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