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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Van Helsing Gameboy Advance Cheats

Status - Password
Vaseria village - 4H@ 5DH 311
Dracula's castle - BF1 8KF MC1
On the trail of the werewolf - 65M 5HL 611
Valken the werewolf - 54! 5DV 411
St. Peter's Basilica - 2S5 M12 111
Carriage battle - 9C1 P!W LC1
Escape from castle - 8P$ 7D8 KC1
Traveling by train - 3X9 M12 111
Dracula final battle - CG5 B78 *M1
Dracula's children - 7BQ *24 8C1
End - DL5 BF3 QM1

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